Abby Schutt

Community Booster Bio

Abby is the mother of 3 children who spends her days working, cooking, chasing a toddler and running kids to sports practice. Her oldest son plays basketball and football, and her middle child participates in gymnastics and dance. After having the youngest of the 3 children she had to replace her career in the hair salon with whatever job worked with her availability.

Now living from check to check, between bills and extra curricular activities she searched for months for a way to bring extra money into the home, by working from home. After being introduced to Sudz by her friend she has now found a way to not only bring in extra money but also be able to be home with the kids while doing so. Not only that, she's helping other families eliminate the costs of their own children's activities, or earning money for their organization.

Life has become a little sweeter without the stress of worrying about how certain things will be paid and she hopes she can do the same for you through this fundraising opportunity.


PHONE: 317-414-7182 | EMAIL

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