One more thing before you go to the Distributors-Only training area...

You're about to get access to the Bronze Distributor membership which is completely free and gives you all the tools you need to get started as a Sudz Independent Distributor. You will be getting 9% on each sale, so for a $2,000 sale, you'll make $180. For just 3 fundraisers, that's $540! Not bad for handing out a flyer or three, right?

But first...

Bronze is a temporary level and we'll show you how you can easily earn your way ​up to higher commissions with the number of fundraisers you help to organize...

And there's also a way you can boost your commission rate and skip to the higher percentages right now!

Plus, if you choose an instant upgrade to a Silver or Gold level distributor, we'll set you up with your own business cards and sales materials!


Jump Start Booster!

Jump To 11% Commission

also included.....

  • 500 Customized Business Cards
  • 2 Customized Flyers with 15 Copies Each
  • 20 piece Product Sample Box



Fast Start Booster!

Jump to 13% Commission

also included.....

  • 500 Customized Business Cards
  • 3 Customized Flyers with 25 Copies Each
  • 100 Piece Product Sample Box
  • Sudz T-Shirt
  • Sudz Sweatshirt
  • 30 minute Fast Start Call with Diamond Exec


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