Community Booster Training Center

Below is a quick, easy training course on the Community Booster Program. In it you will find out how to schedule your first fundraiser and everything it takes to get the ball rolling. If you have questions at any time, just hit us up in Support and we'll be happy to help you!

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Set Up Your Personal Referral Page... 

Fill out this form to get your personal referral page set up! This will give you a link to give to coaches and organizers so they can schedule their first fundraisers under you. This is how we track all of your referred fundraisers so you get credit and we can pay your commissions!

Here's what your personal page will look like:

Fill Out Your 1099

One thing before we can pay you for your first fundraiser. It's a government thing...

Community Booster Private Facebook Group

Ask questions and get to know other Community Boosters like you in our private Facebook group!

How To Quickly Help Your First Team or Group!

You might not believe it, but you're ready to help your first team schedule their fundraiser! You're ready to get paid and help your community already! Watch the video below for what to do next...

Check out what some of our successful Community Boosters are doing!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is where we keep all the wonderful questions you need answers to!