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Welcome To The Team!

You just joined something revolutionary and different! 

Why? For one, because you didn't have to jump through a dozen hoops to get to this page. You didn't have to buy anything. You didn't have to fill out paperwork. And if it isn't costly or hard to join, can it really work?

We're way different, and here's why:

MISSION - We Have A Job To Do!

SUDZ is about more than selling soap. It's about making our communities stronger. Teams and organizations help your community in many ways. And helping them raise necessary funds provides a direct and important benefit to your community.


Getting you started right away is the fastest way to help strengthen and support communities all across America. And it helps you to start bringing in part-time or full-time money without changing anything about your life!

Getting Started...


The link to this page is on its way to your email inbox. Save that welcome email and the link to this page as it is your connection to all the training and resources here at SUDZ!​

Introduction and Welcome from Founder Jeremy Kean & Marketing Director Jack Humphrey


The Training Center is where you will find all the materials and training we conduct on an ongoing basis. You won't need to know a lot before you can get your first fundraiser underway and get paid!