If You've Ever Considered Any Of These...

... then you know there is a pretty steep learning curve, a lot to read and absorb, and usually some upfront cost involved before you can get started.

The Sudz Fundraising Community Booster Program Requires None of That!

Why Choose Sudz?

  • Build a business without the headache and investment!
  • No Start Up Cost-High Income Potential!
  • Do something that’s easy, fast, and fulfilling!

How It Works...

No other opportunity for part-time or even full-time income is easier than the Sudz Community Booster program!

All you have to do to earn money is network within your circle of parents and friends who have kids who play sports and who coach teams of their own. Simply show up, hand out a flyer, and offer teams the ability to raise the money they desperately need for uniforms, equipment, and travel costs.

But it doesn't stop at just sports! You can also work with all kinds of non-profits like churches, help shelters, and any kind of group that raises money to further their efforts in your community. In short, there is a LOT of opportunity in your community right now to help groups and teams and make great money doing it!

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It!

Step 1: Think of the teams your kids, your friends' kids, and others in the community are on. Baseball, Soccer, T-Ball, all of them need to raise money for uniforms and equipment. 

Step 2: Get ahold of the coaches or team helpers and let them check out a flyer that has your personal info on it plus all the details of the Sudz Fundraising opportunity.​

Step 3: Help them set a date for their fundraiser and support them during the campaign with any questions they might have.

Step 4: Once the fundraiser is over, the team sends the money for the products sold to Sudz, and we send your payment out immediately! It's truly just that simple!​

The Products

We have over 60 products for teams and organizations to choose from to sell.  Everything from laundry detergent at huge discounts over name brands (but that perform and smell the same) to household items that people can actually use (and that don't make them fat!)

Your teams and groups don't have to just offer high-quality, cost-saving laundry detergent!

We also have:

  • 100% Hand Poured Soy Candles
  • Trash bags
  • Zip baggies - similar to Ziploc
  • Laundry Detergent & Dish detergent PODS​
  • Dish Soap, Shampoo, & Body Wash
  • Fabric softener

Imagine giving teams and groups in your area something they can offer to save their supporters a ton of money and that they will need again...and again! This means happy supporters and multiple, regular fundraising campaigns season after season with no more effort on your part than scheduling!

Scheduling The Fundraiser

One of the few things you have to do is work with the team or group to choose their date for the fundraiser. It normally runs 2-3 weeks.

The teams sign up, and distribute the order forms, that come in their start up pack from Sudz, to their team members. SUDZ HANDLES IT FROM THERE!!!! 

The teams will be invoiced the team cost and they sell product at the suggested retail cost. They make the difference and only send in the amount for the product. 

Getting Paid

Finally, once the team has sent their order to Sudz, your account is credited and your commission is paid out, that Friday.

Really, it's just that simple!

  • You're not "selling" anything - you're helping teams raise the most money possible with the easiest to organize and run fundraising program out there.
  • Lots of fundraisers are very low-margin - meaning teams have to sell a bunch of stuff (junk food, etc.) to make decent money. 
  • You're helping teams spend the the least amount of time raising the most money they can with a product people need and love 


Your Community Benefits

  • Approximately 50% off the retail cost of national leading brand products
  • Helping LOCAL non profit organizations fund their programs. 
  • The ease of purchase saves time and money

Team / Organization Benefits

  • Consistent Year round Funding
  • Little Effort, No Resources Spent
  • Fund more needed programs, and create more local jobs


  • Easy way to make money helping your community!
  • Doing something meaningful!
  • Work with YOUR schedule!

This is not just for sports!

Churches love this fundraiser. So do all kinds of nonprofits from environmental groups to relief charities... even fundraisers to help kids and families with medical bills! The potential to help people is massive. And you could be the reason it all happens in your community!

Training and Support

Sudz has a full training area where you will be able to download and print order forms, flyers, and get the training and support you need to make this as big as you'd like it to be for you and your family!


Again, there's nothing to buy here! In fact, if you are a good fit, we are going to invest in YOU with our time and resources to get you trained and support you every step of the way!

Just click or tap the button below to register as a SUDZ Community Booster. Inside we'll answer all your questions and we'll get you up and running right away!